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Image of 18 Amherst Street - Property File

18 Amherst Street - Property File

Constructed ca. 1820. Two-story frame dwelling, originally a single pile dwelling with center passage plan. The house was expanded soon after it construction with a rear, 2-story addition. During the middle decades of the 19th century, Martha E. Rogers, an African-American woman, operated a boarding house there. Two files contain documentation of the covenant on the property; annual inspection reports; requests for alterations; correspondence and other documentation related to the sale of the property; historical/research information; graduate student report (Diana Inthavong, 2016) on the history of the building/property (includes historical and chain-of-title research, maps, photos, and o

Image of 75 Anson Street (Joseph Legare House) - Property File

75 Anson Street (Joseph Legare House) - Property File

Constructed ca. 1800; rehabilitated 1969. This two-and-a-half story wooden house raised on a brick basement was built by the wealthy planter and factor Joseph Legare, whose family had owned the property next door since 1760. The exceptional front staircase with marble steps and iron balustrade was added by Benjamin Howland in 1844 along with the Greek Revival style piazza. The house had a third story added at about the same time; this story was removed and the roof restored in 1969. A late-Victorian house to the south was also removed and the lot restored, while the extensive line of outbuildings became individual residences. Two files contain documentation of the covenant on the prope

Image of 5 Alexander Street (Simon Jude Chancognie House) - Property File

5 Alexander Street (Simon Jude Chancognie House) - Property File

Simon Jude Chancognie constructed this comparatively large 3-story house in about 1813. The house retains excellent Federal woodwork on its interior. (Poston, Buildings of Charleston.) Alexander Street is a/k/a Middle Street. Two folders contain original documentation of the easement on the property including Subordination Agreement; Part I certification (National Register); documents and correspondence relating the sale of the property over the years (1965-1987), including Contract of Sale (8/14/87) and Sale Agreement (April 1970); easement appraisal report by Hartnett Realty Co., 12/19/2008) and Form 8283; inspection letters and reports (1995-2001), including post-Hugo Condition Report (

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No. 5 Alexander Street, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Logan - Drawing, Architectural

Title of Drawing: 5 Alexander Street, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Logan Date of Creation: 9/1975 Name of Creator(s): not indicated 1st Floor Plan, 2nd Floor Plan ("3rd Floor Similar") East Elevation, West Elevation, South Elevation. Drawings also include electrical / lighting plans. Date is handwritten on drawings.

Image of 80 Alexander Street (Gadsden-Dewees House) - Property File

80 Alexander Street (Gadsden-Dewees House) - Property File

Constructed 1800-1810; altered ca. 1886. Site of that portion of Mazyck's Pasture where a "noble live oak tree" (now known as the Liberty Tree) was formally dedicated to "liberty" by Charleston's John Wilkes Club in 1766. Owned by the Gadsden estate, this and adjoining parcels were acquired by William Dewees, a planter and wharf owner, 1n 1807. A subsequent owner added the piazzas, the Greek Revival door surrounds, and the Victorian window heads. A third story and roof were damaged and removed after the earthquake of 1886. (Poston, Buildings of Charleston.) File contains handwritten (staff) research sources notes, with attachment providing a brief history regarding the Liberty Tree Marker

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14 Amherst Street Rehabilitation - Drawing, Architectural

Title of Drawing: "14 Amherst Street Rehabilitation" Date of Creation: 6/17/1988 Name of Creator(s): Griffith and Keyes, Architects First and Second Floor Plans, Finish and Door Schedules, Site Plan, Room Elevations and Details, Elevations (North, South, East and West), Fence Detail. Drawings also include Electrical and Lighting Plans. Elevations include photographs of conditions before rehabilitation. Job #: 8755 These are drawings of the house that was originally built on the site, which was later demolished. In 2017, the house that had been at 33 Woolfe Street was moved to 14 Amerst.

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The Renovation and Rehabilitation of 18 Amherst Street - Drawing, Architectural

Title of Drawing: "The Renovation and Rehabilitation of 18 Amherst Street." Date of Creation: 10/11/1993 Name of Creator(s): George D. Dowis, AIA, Architect and David Richards, Architect Project Information and Site/Roof Plan, 1st and 2nd Floor Plans, Existing/Demolition Plans, Floor Plans and Finish Schedule, Elevations, Building Sections, Interior Elevations, Typical Wall Section and Piazza Details, Foundation/1st Floor/ 2nd Floor/ Roof Framing Plans, Sections and Details, Plumbing and Mechanical Plans, Plumbing Riser Diagram, Electrical Plans. Project #: 9221-B and 92287.2 Anthony M. Austin (Registered Professional Engineer) also noted on 2 pages. Set created for Charleston A

Image of 2 Amherst Street (Presqu'ile) - Property File

2 Amherst Street (Presqu'ile) - Property File

Constructed ca. 1802, attributed to Jacob Belser, who purchased the property in 1802. A 3-story stucco over brick house with a two story piazza on the east, west, and south sides. Has unusual floor plan of 2 rooms per floor with a rear projecting stairhall with a circular staircase. Endgabled roof is pedimented with a fanlight on the south, and palladian windows in both the east and west gable ends. Noted for its rich neoclassical interior ornamentation. Located on lot 64 of the Village of Hampstead which was subdivided and developed by Henry Laurens in 1770. Purchased in 1840 by Henry Grimke, who added an expansive addition. Remained in the Grimke family until 1907. Historic Charleston Found