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Documentation of the 1955 Renovations to 72 Tradd Street - Documents

Documentation of the 1955 renovations made to 72 Tradd Street when the house was occupied by Mrs. Lucille Cobb, mother of the owner, Mildred Cobb Roosevelt. The renovations were done by Herbert DeCosta & Co., and were arranged (and paid for) by Mrs. Cobb's two daughters and their spouses, Mr. and Mrs. Bushrod B. Howard and Mr. and Mrs. George Roosevelt. Documentation includes correspondence from H.A. DeCosta Co. outlining the scope of work, invoices, and a floor plan.* Also includes documentation of work done by the painting contractor, plumber, electrician, and heating company. *Floor plan filed separately, 2017.002.3.

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Alterations to Nos. 72-74 Tradd Street, for Mrs. B.B. Howard - Drawing, Architectural

Title of drawing: Alterations to Nos. 72-74 Tradd Street, for Mrs. B.B. Howard Date of drawing: [January 1955]* Name of creator: H.A. Decosta Co., Contractors First floor plan, second floor plan, and partial basement plan. Scale: 1/4" = 1'-0" *Likely the drawings accompanied by a Jan. 30, 1955 letter from Herbert DeCosta enclosing copies of a "rough floor plan for you to locate if possible electrical outlets and switches." (See property file.)

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Plat of Numbers 72 & 74 Tradd Street, Charleston, South Carolina - Plat

Title of drawing: Plat of Numbers 72 and 74 Tradd Street, Charleston, South Carolina Date of drawing: January 1955 Name of creator: John McCrady Company Scale: 1" = 10' Copy of accompanying letter of January 4, 1955, attached.

Image of 72 Tradd Street / 74 Tradd Street - Deed

72 Tradd Street / 74 Tradd Street - Deed

Compilation of original deeds, titles, and other documentation related to the transfer, sale, and ownership of 72-74 Tradd Street. Also includes blueprints and photographs. Spans 1765 to 1961, likely representing the entire history of the ownership of the double tenement up to 1960. Book was created ca. 1960 by Thomas Thornhill who owned the house at the time. He received the documents from the previous owner (Eola Willis) at the time he purchased the house. Mr. Thornhill sent the documents to the South Carolina Department of Archives & History to have the damaged documents repaired and the plastic sleeves created. A circa 1958 plat has been glued to the inside of the front cover. Pho

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72-74 Tradd Street (Fotheringham-McNeil Tenements) - Property File

Constructed before 1765; restored 1960s, 1990s. The gambrel roof on the double tenement at 72-74 Tradd Street is a rare surviving example of a relatively common 18th century roof form found in Charleston. Although tenement housing was common in Charleston at that time, few examples are known in which the tenement was occupied by the owner, since most tenements were built strictly for use as rental properties. the street facade was altered when the building was converted into a single family dwelling in the mid-19th century, eliminating the need for a second stair. The interior is largely unaltered. (Source: The Buildings of Charleston.) File contains FOHG house histories (1973, 2009); FOHG

Image of 72 Tradd Street (Fotheringham-McNeil Tenements) - Undated

72 Tradd Street (Fotheringham-McNeil Tenements) - Undated

B&W photograph of 72 Tradd Street (Fotheringham-McNeil Tenements), street (front) elevation.